About embrace Western New York

embrace Western New York is a local, non-profit organization comprised of gay and straight members of the Western New York community. A Board of Directors handles the philanthropic responsibilities of the organization. The 2019-2020 executive members of embraceWNY are: President, Jeffrey H. Platt; Vice President, Dale Bauman; Secretary, Judy Dumitru; and Treasurer, Molly Ranahan. Other serving members are: Bryan Ball, Douglas Charles, Heather Gasiecki, Jeffrey Moyer, Jose Garcia, Steven Jagord, and Shari Kiesow.

The Board of embrace Western New York works hard to fulfill its mission of ‘through education all things are possible’.  Fundraising locally and supporting locally allows us opportunity to raise awareness of the LGBT community while promoting equality and justice for all Western New Yorkers.  Our major fundraiser, The Buffalo Brunch, is held each spring and honors those Western New Yorkers whose personal commitment reflects our own.  Community Service Honorees include individuals, congregations and organizations.

embrace Western New York is pleased and honored to return monies to the Western New York community through Community Grants and Sponsorships, along with Educational Scholarships for our local college students.  We offer a rolling application process so applications can be received throughout the year.  Recognition of awards is given at The Buffalo Brunch



Mission Statement

embrace Western New York is dedicated to equality and fairness within Western New York and seeks to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of the LGBT community amongst all citizens.  Our Mission: through education all things are possible. Our Goals: to educate and support individuals and local organizations working towards equality for all New York State residents, especially in the LGBT community; developing the leadership potential of young adults from under-represented areas; assisting organizations in promoting a positive and affirming position; and strengthening local groups and organizations that are working towards full acceptance of the LGBT community.